President- Bryan Massengale
Vice President- Ricky Frost
Secretary- Tonya Massengale
Treasurer- Tonya Massengale

Board of Directors:
Mack McBurnette
Bobby Hayes
Ted Charles
Richard Smith
Gina Broach

Former Presidents:
Mike Brown
Jerry Smith

The CVPA holds regular meetings on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Coweta County Fairgrounds at 7 PM EST.


The CVPA are members of the APA, ABA, and the OEGBCOA.

Our show is sanctioned by each of these organizations.

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Welcome to the CVPA website.

Thank you all for making the 2018 CVPA Show a SUCCESS!!
We couldn't do it without each and every one of you!!
See you next year!

Our Mission Statement:

*Encourage the breeding, exhibiting and selling of purebred poultry

*Sponsor a local poultry show

*Assist, encourage and help educate the junior poultrymen to the sound and practical value of standardbred poultry and pure breedings

*Create a cooperative spirit among all breeders and fanciers

*Strive for good fellowship and integrity among the membership as a whole

*Protect the best interest of club members

*Promote fair and honest dealings among the breeders

*Prevent anyone from exercising fraudulent practices at anytime

Junior Member Association

The junior Member Association is rapidly growing, it is designed to educate and encourage younger members. We are fortunate to have veteran enthusiasts that are eager to share their experience and knowledge with the juniors. The CVPA helps support our local juniors both in the club and not yet members through exposure and education by setting up exhibits at local area events, and by supporting our 4-H program in every way we can.


*Coweta County Fair (TBA) The CVPA hosts an open show for junior and veteran exhibitors.

*Annual CVPA Winter Show (Feb. 16th, 17th & 18th 2018): Competition is open to all poultry: bantam and large fowl chickens, large waterfowl, bantam ducks and turkeys.
*Show Phamplet* will be available by to download or print by Jan. 10, 2018

*The 2018 Winter Show is honoring the memory of our friend and club member, Mr. Paul Hardy. Please click here for a Memorial to him.

*CVPA exhibits at various local festivals:
Exposes the CVPA to poultry enthusiasts of all ages.

*Sponsor/ Parent Organization for the Coweta County 4-H Poultry Chain.